Romania's High Court has issued a long expected ruling that might have saved ex-strongman Dragnea, had it come earlier. Also on Wednesday, MPs voted on the national bank governor and audiovisual council boss.

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  • High court judging panels made of three members who have dealt with corruption cases have been unlawfully formed, Romania's Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday. The verdict - coming from a body which many have claimed was dominated by judges close to the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), comes after several delays. Had it come earlier, it might have exempt former PSD leader Liviu Dragnea from the current 3.5-year prison sentence for corruption charges, a sentence he received late May. Challenging the legality of 3-member judging pannels has been a key strategy for the PSD in its attempt to prevent key politicians from being sentenced for corruption. More on this in Romanian here
  • Romania's central bank governor Mugur Isarescu has been validated for a sixth term in office in a vote by the Romanian Parliament on Wednesday. MP's approved all proposals for the National Bank of Romania (BNR) board today. On the occasion, Isarescu said the new board combined youth with experience and woud focus on its term, especially its plan to join the euro. Isarescu, who's been governor of BNR since the Revolution, with a short break when he served as PM in the late '90s, is the longest serving central bank governor. More on this in Romanian here
  • Romania's audiovisual council CNA, who holds major influence on what TV and radio stations can and cannot broadcast, has a new president in Monica Gubernat. A member of the CNA at the nomination of the governing PSD party, she is now serving her second term in the council. On Wednesday, the Parliament voted to name her president of the institution. More on this in Romanian here