A Romanian citizen aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship which as been quarantined in japan has been found infected with the coronavirus, Romania's Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday. 17 Romanians are among the 3,700 passangers and crew aboard the ship.

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It is the first confirmed case of a Romanian suffering of coronavirus infection.

Some 218 passengers aboard the cruise ship have been confirmed positive. Of the past 44 cases confirmed aboard the ship, 43 are passengers and one is a crew member, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo.

The Romanian ministry announced the embassy to Tokyo has been notified by the Japanese Foreign Affairs Miniostry that a Romanian citizen aboard the Diamond Princess has been found positive on coronavirus checks. The person was transfered for isolation and treatment at a specialised Japanese medical unit.

The ministry said the embassy was in permanent contact with the citizen and has been pressing for supplementary information on further medical procedures.

The ministry did not say whether the Romanian citizen was a passenger or a crew member.