President George W Bush offered on Thursday two extensive interviews for the Romanian press: one for Evenimentul Zilei, when Bush received a delegation of Journalists from UK, Romania, Ukraine and Croatia, as well as one exclusive interview for the Romanian public TV station, TVR. In brief, the American president is certain that the NATO summit will be a success, despite the fact that there are controversial topics to be discussed, and that Romania should negotiate the visa waiver program participation by itself, instead of waiting the European Union to reach a result.

The interview for Evenimentul Zilei, in brief:

- The Americans do not pay too much attention to the NATO summit, being too busy with their elections, the journalist notes.

- George W. Bush looks forward to the visit in Ukraine, Romania and Croatia and expects a successful summit, meaning that the member states must take care so that NATO remains a relevant institution.

- The NATO enlargement will be on the agenda, Bush supporting taking a decision during the Bucharest summit on the accession of Croatia, Albania and Macedonia. Bush also wants to signal a green light for Georgia and Ukraine. In the anti-missile defense, cyber-terrorism and terrorist activities, the president expects a collaboration development so that the response would be efficient.

- America supports the accession of Ukraine, but an answer must be given by all member states.

- NATO must make sure that Moldova is an independent state, with sovereign borders and is treated as such. Moldova also needs a transparent government. Only so, says Bush, the problem of the self-proclaimed Transdniester Republic may be solved.

- Iraq governs itself, America is there only to help and supervise. The number of troops deployed is given by the need to maintain the success reached this far. The US will not leave Iraq as long as George W. Bush is head of the military.

- It is hard to justify to Romanians why they are welcome to fight along with Americans, yet not be treated as other EU members. For the moment, a law must be changed, based on previous experiences. The Romanian Government should negotiate directly with the United States. There are countries neighboring Romania that made important steps towards being accepted in the visa waiver program. Romania should look at what they have done. The problem of visas will be discussed in Bucharest by George W. Bush and the Romanian President, Traian Basescu.

- Although France will send 1,000 soldiers more in Afghanistan, the United Kingdom remains the most special friend America has in Europe.

- Bush never met the new Russian president, but Condoleezza rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates did, and the meeting was efficient. US expects a good collaboration with Russia in the question of nuclear proliferation in Iran. Bush will visit Russia the next day after the visit to Croatia.

- The US president is optimistic about reaching a solution in the anti-missile shield program, claiming that Russia has enough missiles to overwhelm it, while the true reason for it to exist is a possible rocket coming from the Middle East.

The interview for TVR, in brief:

- There are challenges, but the summit will be successful. It will be the largest ever, and some say it will be the most difficult as well. The four directions to be approached are: the virtual crime, the anti-missile shield, the fight against terrorism, as one direction, the NATO presence in Afghanistan, as second, the NATO enlargement and the Georgia and Ukraine desire to join the Alliance as third and fourth issues.

- USA expect a commitment for a strategy from all NATO members, in their common action in Afghanistan.

- NATO is a positive force, not a negative one. Accepting Albania, Croatia and Macedonia in the Alliance encourages the reforms and the modernization in the area.

- The major issues to be discussed with Vladimir Putin will most probably be discussed during the meeting in Soci.