Emil Boc has won the elections for Cluj mayor in the first round on Sunday, according to an INSOMAR exit-poll for Realitatea TV station, which says the Democratic-Liberal (PD-L) leader was voted by 75.6% of Cluj citizens. His rivals Attila Laszlo and Remus Lapusan received 8.2% and 5.3% respectively.

Alin Tise, also from PD-L, would become head of the Cluj County Council with 36% of the votes, according to the same exit-poll. He beat Liberal (PNL) Marius Nicoara who got 25.3%.

In the Eastern city of Iasi, Social Democrat (PSD) Gheorghe Nichita will face Liberal Democrat candidate Oprea in a second round for city mayor, with 42.8% and 42% respectively. Liberal candidate Cristian Adomnitei received 9% of the votes there.

In Timisoara, incumbent mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu (Peasants Party-PNTCD) won the elections with 59.4%, according to the exit-poll. The local council of Timisoara is split by PNTCD (39.6%), PD-L (27.6%) and PSD (14.7%).

Also a first round winner is incumbent mayor Radu Mazare of Constanta, the Black Sea port, who won 62.8% of the votes according to the exit-poll. He was followed by Dorel Constantin Onaca (PD-L) with 11.3%. The Constanta local council will be dominated by PSD (54.8%), followed by PD-L (18.7%) and PNL (14.2%).