Romania's President Traian Basescu talked about the introduction of the European currency, about the EC Justice report to be published this summer and the political reform in an interview for Deutsche Welle on Monday.

The President declared that 2014 is a pragmatic target for the European currency introduction in Romania and he added that he is convinced that Romania has all necessary time and instruments to moderate the inflation rate to 3.2%.

Moreover, he talked about the upcoming EC Justice report on Romania and said that the Commission will warn but not sanction authorities in Bucharest. He said that Romanian political institutions are the ones failling to support the fight against corruption.

In this vein, he said that prosecutors have worked hard and finished some important files but due to institutions like the Parliament or the Constitutional Court, high officials could not be sent to trial. He also pointed out that a political class reform is needed that the best way to achieve it is to introduce the uninominal voting system.