The Discipline Commission within the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) made its final decision in the bribe attempt scandal at the end of the championship: the Steaua Bucharest football team was cut 7 points off its final ranking score (still remaining the second ranked), while U. Cluj, the team supposed to receive the bribe, lost 6 points. At the same time, Steaua boss Gigi Becali and U. Cluj official Toni Dobos will not be allowed to enter the stadiums for two years. Both were also fined 200,000 RON each (some 65,000 euro).

Steaua is in the same situation with FC Porto, the Portugal champion, which was excluded by UEFA from the Champions League because of a bribe scandal.

In the same scandal, two football players, Petre Marin and Gigel Coman, were suspended from all activities for six months.