Present at the TIFF film festival in Cluj, Central Romania, Catherine Deneuve has talked to the correspondent to Cluj about her visit there. Open minded and receptive with journalists, she declared she loved Cluj as it reminded her of her childhood in Normandy.

Catherine Deneuve said she came to TIFF to meet new people and producers. Moreover, she declared she saw awarded Romanian film 4 weeks, 3 months and 2 days and liked it a lot. Deneuve admitted she was in the position to cancel her visit in Romania due to Yves Saint Laurent's funerals but she added that she found it unacceptable to disappoint her fans.

Deneuve said that apart from success her work brought about a lot of work and dedication. She declared that she has been portrayed as very tough but in fact she oftentimes found herself as very sensitive.

She declared that she would be willing to work with Romanian producers but that she did not receive any official offer so far.