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BBDO Worldwide study: Generation X rejects Romanian traditional brands like Gambrinus, Eugenia or Carpati

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Miercuri, 16 iulie 2008, 9:47 English | Top News

BBDO Worldwide set up the biggest international study so far on Generation X - people born in the 1964-1978 period and their behavior as consumers. The study involved some 5,208 respondents taking into account the Y and Baby Boom generations. The results were released for the first time at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes and the data for Romania were presented in Bucharest on Tuesday. 

Those part of the Generation X have a thriving career, strive to combine their personal and professional life and have a rather relaxed attitude towards life. They were very concerned with their work performance: they are ambitious, concentrated on their career. The Generation X seeks work performance and emotional stability.

In Romania, the Generation X is empowered nowadays. They have a special statute: namely, they have confronted with the Communist era and, according to the study, the Generation is back on track even now: it strives to forget the black period, Graffiti BBDO Head of Planning Stefan Chiritescu said on Tuesday.

Generation X Romanians consider that their job is important but it is also optimistic and seeks more emotional stability, Mercury Research expert Anca Serbanescu says. Most preferred cultural brands are the likes of Friends, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Bugs Bunny and Matrix.

Moreover, the Generation X in Romania reject the Romanian traditional brands like Gambrinus (beer), Eugenia (crackers) or Carpati (cigarettes) even though they react better than the other two generations. Thus, they tend to reject brands like McDonalds, Eugenia, Gambrinus or MTV. They tend to appreciate luxurious brands like Mercedes, IBM, IKEA.

Compared to the population in other countries, Romania's Generation X is more oriented towards consumerism than others are. Moreover, they tend to change jobs more often than those in other countries do. Romanians thus seem more determined to pursue their goals.

Nonetheless, Romanians appreciate designer brands more. Even though Romanians turn out to feel more stressed and pressed than those in England or France, Romanians feel more optimistic generally.

Romanian families are traditional oriented and they nourish in a safer environment than in other countries. Modern technology is highly trusted and used. Chiritescu declared that in a long run, the Generation X in Romania will build up the middle class. 

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