European Union officials decided to send expert teams to help Romanian authorities tackle the flood disaster in North Romania, Environment European Commissioner spokesperson Barbara Helfferich declared for Moreover, the Union will also send all special equipments requested by Romanian authorities on August 1.

Apparently, Romanian authorities sent a written request to EU officials for various specialized equipments to sustain their efforts and counter the effects of the flood that hit North Romania in the last weeks. Several EU member countries like Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland already sent some of the requested equipments.

The Commission's spokesperson declared that the Union will not be able to send financial aid to help the victims of the flood unless an evaluation concludes that there were serious damages, with a severe economic impact upon the region which would affect some 1.5% of the country's GDP.

EU member states mentioned above already sent an experts' team in Romania to sustain Romanian authorities. EU's Information and Monitoring Center, part of the Environment Directorate within the Commission is the operational center of civil protection.

The Center works like a command center, disseminating information and sustaining states with necessary equipments and know-how. The main goal of the center is to prevent disasters and negative effects on the environment.