Russian aircraft bombed on Friday morning targets on Georgian soil, after the Georgian soldiers attacked earlier in the morning the Russian peacekeeping troops. The Russian planes launched two bombs near a Police station, while other three planes bombed another target. The air strike comes as a response to the military offensive Georgia launched against the South Ossetia capital city, Thinvali, during which at least 15 casualties were recorded.

Georgian Re-integration Minister said that the Georgian troops don't intend to take over the city, but only to neutralize the separatist groups.

The United Nations' Security Council meets in order to discuss the situation. The gathering was called upon by Russia.

The military operation launched by Georgia aims at recovering the control over the separatist republic of South Ossetia. Sources say that the Georgian troops also opened fire against Russian peacekeeping troops.

In Moscow, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the aggression against Ossetia will see a response.

Georgian president Mikhail Saakasvili announced a general mobilization of the reserve troops, whom he asked to "defend the state". In a TV interview, Saakasvili asked Russia to stop bombing Georgian cities. According to the head of state, Georgian troops are now in control of over half of the South Ossetia localities.


* 11:50h - Russian Foreign Ministry denies the involvement of Russian planes in Georgia

* 11:20h - The UN Security Council failed to adopt a common statement about the conflict

* 11:10h - Reuters informs that the Russian peacekeeping troops suffered several casualties

* 11:00h -American president George W. Bush demands an immediate cease fire