Russia imposed a blockade on the Black Sea around the Georgian shore on Sunday morning, in order to prevent any weaponry deliveries towards the conflict area, while the Georgian troops were withdrawing from the pro-Russian separatist republic of South Ossetia, the Georgian

Security Council secretary, Alexandre Lomada announced, according to AFP. The Georgian official also called for the involvement of the United

States in the solving of the crisis.

UPDATE: The Russian army announced it controls almost completely the South Ossetia capital city, Tskhinvali.

While the Russian officials claim that the Georgian troops did not withdraw from the Ossetian territory, Georgia accused Russia of intensifying its bombing on Georgian territory, including an attack against a military airport near Tbilisi. Georgian officials also claim that Russia sent 10,000 troops in Ossetia.

The Russia air force also bombed the Kodori pass, the only area in Ossetia still controlled by Georgian troops, as well as the Zougdidi region in

Western Georgia.