Russia and Georgia accepted, on Tuesday night, the peace agreement negotiated by France, the country in charge with the European Presidency. The documents reads that all Russian and Georgian troops will be withdrawn but it does not refer to the status of the separatist republics in Georgia, international news agencies inform.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared that he obtained the approval of both sides and he declared that he will present the document to the EU's foreign affairs ministers in order to be sustained and guaranteed by the European Union.

He added that the document will serve as a basis for a judicial document which will be submitted at the UN Security Council as a resolution. The Georgian President insisted that the discussion over the two separatist regions be postponed.

The Georgian President reinstated Georgia's territorial integrity and insisted that this is a fact which cannot be ignored. Nicolas Sarkozy declared that the measure was accepted by the Russian President.

The plan foresees that both sides will no longer make use of force and cease fire immediately. Moreover, humanitarian aids must have free access to reach civilians.