The Parliament's judicial commission will work in September on three other files in which ex-ministers Adrian Nastase and Serban Mihailescu are investigated. The commission decided on Wednesday to allow all deputies to access the files and their right to individually study the cases in order to make an informed opinion. Moreover, they announced that the file against Serban Mihailescu will be analyzed by the commission.

Romania's prosecutor general Codruta Kovesi requested the House of Deputies to approve the investigation against ex-minister Adrian Nastase in two new files: Zambaccian II and Tamara. Nastase is accused of bribe taking and blackmail in the Zambaccian case. Moreover, in the Tamara case, he is accused of giving bribes.

The file against Serban Mihailescu will currently be on the agenda and the Senate Judicial Commission will start analyzing the case on Tuesday. Mihailescu is accused of receiving hunting arms from his counselor which he has used without a legal permit.