Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tairceanu accused on Friday all former mayors of Bucharest for the delays at the waste water treatment plant project in Glina, near Bucharest. "The delay is blameworthy. I is the fault of all those who ruled the city all these years", said the head of Government. Asked whether he thinks at president Basescu when he makes such statements, Tariceanu preferred to reply: "I believe you know very well who ruled Bucharest".

The prime minister found that the works for the plant, which begun in 2006 and should end in 2010, are delayed six months already, constructors invoking problems in the contract and payment delays.

"It is in Romania's best interest to have this plant up and running as soon as possible", said Tariceanu, adding that the current ecological impact affects the Danube and even the Black Sea.

Bucharest is at this moment the only European capital without a waste water treatment plant.