The National Regulatory Authority for Communications (ANRCTI) designated Romtelecom as the winner of the new mobile communication license for the 410 - 415/420 - 425 MHZ bands, the institution announced on Monday.

One of the four offers for the mobile telecom license, submitted by NetPoint, a company controlled by RCS&RDS was disqualified because it did not submit all requested documents. On the other hand, tomorrow, September 9, a court is to rule on the complaint submitted by Vodafone, Orange, RCS&RDS and Telemobil to suspend the Government's ordinance establishing the regulations for the license attribution.

The offers were evaluated according to five criteria: financial capacity, commercial feasibility, specialization and experience and technical feasibility. Romtelecom received the biggest score, of 86.21 closely followed by Saudi Oger (Zapp owner) and Radiomovel Telecomunicacoes with 75.78 points.

Romtelecom chief executive Yorgos Ioannidis declared that his company has proven its competitiveness on the market. He added that the offer was prepared in a responsible manner. Moreover, he said the new services would be launched as soon as possible.

ANRCTI representatives declared for that the result can be attacked in court by the four operators that already attacked the government's ordinance. Meanwhile, the operators can challenge the decision in one week.