The Parliament approved on Tuesday a general 50% growth of state-paid wages for teachers in the national education system. Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu describes the measure as "super-populist", while the Education Minister returned with severe criticism on the measure, one day after voting in its favor in the Parliament.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu openly denounced the salaries growth as a populist ("super-populist", as a matter of fact) measure, saying that a 50% growth of the income may only be justified by a 50% growth of the economy.

Tariceanu also claims that the growth rate was not demanded by teachers and that the 50% raise approved by the Parliament is not economically sustainable.

The vote in the Parliament was unanimously in favor of the wage growth percentage. One day later, Education Minister Cristian Adomnitei, who also voted in favor of the new rule, mentioned that an over 9% growth represents an budgetary effort over 1 billion RON and will lead to the lack of funds for investments in 2009.

President Traian Basescu declared, according to Realitatea TV, that he will promulgate the decision of the Parliament.