By the end of 2008, Romania will receive over 350 million euro through the ISPA program while in 2009 another 500 million will be accessed, Ministry of Economy State Secretary Eugen Teodorovici declared on Sunday, a press release of the institution quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.

Teodorovici was present at the third Cohesion Fund Supervision Committee organized in Poiana Brasov. During the meeting, several measures were adopted to simplify the procedures so that more projects would be financed.

The Committee analyzed the current implemented ISPA projects: 41 projects deal with the environment while 20 with transports and 4 in horizontal technical assistance measures. By the end of September, Romania finished its second ISPA financed project of 37 million euro.

In 2008 another 5 environmental projects will be finished, a press release of the institution reads. Romania can access, between 2000 and 2010 some 2.7 billion euro through the program.