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Tough rules for telecomm operators, better client information demanded

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 13 noiembrie 2008, 15:11 English | Top News

2009 may bring a set of new and tough rules for telecomm operators, mainly regarding the way they offer information to their clients. The minimum amount to be paid throughout the contact, the taxation system (by the minute or by the second), the contract cancelling conditions and the taxes paid for quitting the service and a 15-day notice when cancelling is available are just a few of the new rules announced by the telecomm regulatory authorities on Thursday.

The new regulation draft establishes the mans that may or must be used by operators in communicating information about prices and fees towards clients. The sales personnel will be obligated to offer three important information: the minimum amount that has to be paid throughout the contract (subscription, connection fee, terminal price and all others), the prices and the taxation system and the minimum duration of the contract.

Telephony operators will also have to notify their clients 15 days before the date when they can cancel their subscription, both via the phone bill and a short message.

Meanwhile, ANC (the national telecomm regulatory agency) will develop an application allowing the clients to compare available offers.

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