Romanian President Traian Basescu and the official delegation accompanying him to the EU Summit in Brussels flew off the Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport the 50 minutes late on Thursday morning because of technical issues at the presidential plane. He eventually left for Brussels on a reserve plane of the Romania company.

Before leaving, board machines of the presidential plane did not provide the corresponding parameters so a reserve plane was requested, according to TV news station Antena 3. On Wednesday, when checks were made, the plane did not show any problem.

The presidential plane is a 35-year old civilian Boeing 707.

Prime minister in office Calin Popescu Tariceanu was already on his way to Brussels as he left on a the plane of a private company.

A coincidence, President Basescu signed a decree on Tuesday for allow air force general Iuliu-Adrian Goleanu become a general in reserve. Goleanu was head of the Romania company, according to the presidential administration.