The inhabitants of the Marginea village, in the county of Suceava, have been expecting for over 8 months for the authorities to repair a bridge affected by the flood last year. The only remaining detour was impossible to drive on. Desperate with their isolation, the peasants built their own bridge (in a single day), but were instantly fined by the authorities for the lack of construction authorizations. Criminal files were opened against them. Since then, not only did the peasants return to a normal life with the new functioning bridge, but they also built other two bridges and a piece of motorway. Even more, they swear they'll get things done by themselves each time the state neglects them.

The bridge affected by flood should have been repaired before October 2008, then got a new term: before Christmas. In the end, the villagers built a new one in just a day.

Another bridge was build on a forestry road, where the old bridge has tumbles. 1.3 kilometers of motorway were built without proper authorizations as well.

The local mayor says that no one intended to punish the peasants, but authorities had to respect the law. "They did a good job", the mayor said.

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