Ukrainian Foreign Ministry would not comment on Romania espionage case

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Miercuri, 4 martie 2009, 14:21 English | Top News

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry would not comment by Wednesday morning the information that Romania had expelled a diplomat following an espionage scandal in Bucharest, according to RIA Novosti. The statement comes as Romanian authorities on Monday arrested a Romanian low-rank officer and a Bulgarian citizen under suspicion of espionage for Ukraine.

The Romanian suspect is said to have delivered the Bulgarian a series of classified information including maps and technical data about radar installations and Romanian military units. The latter is suspected of having passed the data to an employee of the Ukrainian Embassy to Bucharest. News later appeared that the military attache of the Ukrainian Embassy was expelled from Romania.

Ria Novosti also reports unofficial information that because of the scandal Romanian president Traian Basescu had postponed his visit to Ukraine, which was scheduled for February 25-26.

On Tuesday, the Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigative Division published films made during the arrest of Defense Ministry employee Floricel Achim and of Bulgarian citizen Marinov Zikolov, the two people charged of passing state secrets and of espionage. The videos are available here and here.

A series of coincidences have come to light in the espionage case. reported in its Romanian version on Tuesday that the unusual speed at which Romanian authorities made the case public comes in the context of several coincidences related to Ukraine, with no immediate links between the events.

1. In a case against Ukraine at the International Court of Justice, Romania recently received a favorable verdict, which was followed in Kiev by intensified political and press attacks against Romania and against Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, seen as a pro-West politician.
2. Romanian President Traian Basescu has postponed a visit to Kiev, which was initially scheduled for late February. No explanations were given.
3. Romanian Foreign Ministry Cristian Diaconescu paid a visit to Moscow in late February.
4. Romania's Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigative Division and the Romanian Intelligence Service issue a press release providing detailed information in the case of espionage instrumented against a Romanian low-rank officer.
5. Media reports repeatedly name Ukraine as a potential beneficiary of the Romanian Defense Ministry leaks.
6. Ukrainian Foreign minister Vladimir Orhyzko is dismissed. His dismissal comes as a surprise in Ukraine.
7. Ukrainian press agency Regnum quotes an Ukrainian MP and announces that the country's military attache to Bucharest was expelled from Romania.

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    Ukrainian Foreign Minister (Miercuri, 4 martie 2009, 22:56) [anonim]

    1. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Ogryzko was dismissed yesterday by Ukrainian parliament. His dismissal was not a big surprise, and I may assure you that it was a question of domestic politics, but not the result of the Romanian espionage case.
    2. Regnum is not a Ukrainian press agency.

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