Incumbent Liberal President Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared on Friday, at the Liberal Congress that his government managed to accomplish what he promised at the beginning of the mandate and that it managed to accomplish in 4 years what the predecessors failed in 14 years even if he could not count on President Basescu's support.

Here are some of the most important declarations:

  • I managed to accomplish almost everything I promised when I took up the government in 2007. I governed for two years with a Liberal Prime Minister, Liberal ministers and a Liberal program
  • During this time we joined the EU as a pride nation
  • We registered the biggest electoral capital in 2008 since 1989. The number of Liberal mayors increased just as the number of local and county counselors
  • We launched infrastructure development programs
  • We offered important investment funds for agriculture which created the best agricultural year for Romania
  • The economic crisis was one of the best in the EU
  • We decreased unemployment rates
  • Romania's President was a full fledged enemy and we could not count on his support
  • The Liberals government with a 20% Parliamentary support
  • I am proud I managed to accomplish what I promised
  • We have a stronger party, ready for an electoral battle. We are prepared to win this year's Presidential elections