The judges at the Bucharest 1st District Court decided that the controversial businessman Gigi Becali and the three bodyguards arrested along with him should remain into Police custody for 29 days. "It was a decision made under the pressure of all media", said Becali's lawyer, Gheorghita Mateut.

The case against Becali was built without any formal complaints against him, but according to public knowledge that made the Police take action. In January, three thieves stole Becali's car, after finding it in the middle of the street, key in contact. Becali's bodyguards found the thieves, locked them in the trunk and took them to a bar in the neighborhood of Becali's home. Becali himself appeared and made the thieves sign confessions about their deed.

For more then three hours, the thieves were held against their will, which represent illegal putting under distraint, according to the Romanian law.