The government simplified on Wednesday citizenship requirements for those Romanians who received the citizenship by birth, eliminating the interview and expanding citizenship rights to third line relatives, Romanian PM Emil Boc announced.

The new procedures refer to former Romanian citizens who received citizenship by birth or adoption and who lost it due to imputable reasons or against their will. The requirement check deadline was reduced from six to five months and the right to request citizenship was expanded to third line relatives level instead of second line relatives as before.

PM Boc declared that since it relates to former Romanian citizens, the interview requirement was eliminated since it aimed to check whether the applicants know Romanian. However, Boc explained that the requirement is still valid for those who did not have Romanian citizenship.

Thus, in order to regain citizenship, three conditions need to be fulfilled:

1. loyalty to the Romanian state

2. be at least 18 years old

3. the solicitor does not have any previous criminal convictions which would deem him unworthy of the citizenship