EU institutions are appalled by Romania's proposal to offer Romanian citizenship for 1 million Moldovans, a project that can affect Romania's position in the EU, EUobserver reads. EU Czech Presidency warned Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu about the risks such a policy entails. However, the warning was not mentioned by the ministry.

EU officials, interviewed by EUobserver believe that Romania plan's is a political declaration before the Presidential elections and will never be implemented. The same opinion was presented by EU Foreign Affairs representative, Javier Solana.

Czech Foreign Affairs minister Alexandr Vondra declared that he is seriously concerned about Romania's policy towards the Republic of Moldova. Euobserver reads that his declaration is a sign that tensions increase between Romania and the EU.

According to EU legislation, Romania can offer citizenship to whomever pleases, irrespective of then umber. However, EU naturalizes annually over 730,000 people, less than Romanian citizenship requests (between 800,000 to 1 million people).