The explanations put forward by the Moldovan Foreign Affairs minister, Andrei Stratan regarding Moldova's decision to reject Mihnea Constantinescu as Romania's Ambassador to Moldova are not convincing, Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson Alin Serbanescu declared for Mediafax.

Serbanescu declared that the explanation does not stand and has not connection whatsoever with either reality or diplomatic protocols. He added that Stratan's declaration makes it clear that the explanation is trying to hide the real reasons which denotes a hostile attitude.

According to Agerpres, Moldovan Foreign Affairs ministry declared that Moldova rejects the new Ambassador proposed by Romania because authorities breached diplomatic protocol in the procedure.

Stratan declared that Romania breached international diplomatic protocol by publicly announcing the name of the new designated ambassador. Stratan explained that, according to international norms, the name of the new ambassador is revealed only after it is formally accepted by the respective country.

However, Serbanescu explained that in Romania this is impossible because the Parliament needs to interview the new Ambassador and thus his name must be revealed.