ActiveWatch – Agency for Press Supervision (AMP) and Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (CRJI) launched an appeal on Tuesday towards the journalists to respect the guild’s ethical and professional principles. The plea is a consequence of the journalistic content degradation, which, according to both organisations, has intensified in the case of informative and debate TV shows over the last months.

AMP and CRJI have expressed concern over the "excessive broadcasting of certain subjects, approached in a non-professional manner, attracting serious prejudices for the journalist profession and for the audience, thus affecting the socio-professional status and the credibility of the guild".

The two organisations say certain broadcasts "transformed themselves in law courts, taking sides openly, whether these sides were expressed by the TV staff or by the guests, thus corrupting the balance of the reporting." The appeal also referred to the shallow documentation of the facts and the questionable competence of the "experts", which undermined the journalistic act.

AMP and CRJI point out that the degradation of the journalistic act can backfire in the detriment of the guild. "It is politicians’ favourite argument when deciding to enforce excessive legal stipulations addressing the freedom of speech. They also use this rationale to initiate laws that pin down the freedom of the press", the organisations add.