Some 10,000 people across Romania are expected to attend on Thursday, a protest organized by the National Union Block in Bucharest. Their main requests are job security, a unitary social security system, affordable prices and the availability of basic services for all social categories.

Protesters are expected to arrive from all counties and will represent economic sectors which the Union Block represents: car industry, transports, constructions, telecommunications, electronics, culture, energy, textile sectors, health, public administration, agriculture, finance-banks, geology and mining, sports activities, a press release of the National Union Block informs.

The protest is scheduled to start at 12:30 pm at the Romanian Peasants Museum in Bucharest and the route it will follow is: Victoria Square - Victoria way - Labor Ministry. Unions of the five union blocks are currently negotiating for a unique salary scheme for public servants.

The same trend of protests is replicated at the level of the European Unions: Bucharest protests are connected to those scheduled in Madrid on May 14, Brussels May 15, Berlin May 16 and Prague May 16. European workers are protesting to urge their government to counter the economic crisis, worried about the IMF negative estimates.

Their message, "Fight against the crisis - People first" aims to raise awareness over the need of job security and the rights of the workers.