The head designer responsible for the German Volkswagen (VW) Group, Walter Maria de'Silva, said the Logan project of Dacia Romanian car company was honest and interesting, matching the Japanese and Koreen offers and topping other European projects, according to Romanian news agency Mediafax.

The launch of the fifth generation of Volkswagen Polo saw Walter Maria de'Silva, head designer of the German car group, saying that the car had serious competitors coming from the Japanese, Korean and Romanian markets. According to de'Silva, they showed strong competition for the European car markets. The Volkswagen official stated that the first Logan type launched by Romanian car company Dacia in 2004 had some design issues, but it has become better ever since. "Dacia is an interesting project. As far as I’m concerned, Dacia is more honest than other cars. And I also like the fact that the manufacturer’s project is honest”, he said.

The ex-Alfa Romeo design chief criticised its former employer, saying it was going in "a wrong direction". He also noted that Renault and Fiat did not have a coherent design philosophy or long-term strategy. "Those with short-term strategies do not resist", Walter Maria de'Silva added. Peugeot was among the very few companies to receive positive appreciation from de'Silva, who liked its design philosophy.

Walter Maria de'Silva joined Volkswagen group in 1998, taking care exclusively of the Seat brand. Since 2007, he has been made responsible of all Volkswagen brands.