Exit polls in Romania's European Parliament elections on Sunday showed the Social Democrats (PSD) and Liberal Democrats (PD-L) in the lead, with an advantage within error margins for PSD. According to a poll by Insomar institute, PSD won 31% of the votes, followed by PD-L with 30.4%, Liberals (PNL) with 16.6%, Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) with 9.1%, Greater Romania Party (PRM, far right) with 7.2%, President Basescu's daughter Elena Basescu (independent) with 3.6%.

Another poll by CCSB showed PSD in the lead with 30.7%, followed by PD-L with 30.4%. According to the CCSB exit poll, the following party received:

  • PNL - 15.4%
  • UDMR - 10.4%
  • PRM - 6.8%
  • Elena Basescu - 3.4%

According to the CCSB results:

  • PSD would win 10 seats in the EP
  • PD-L - 10 seats
  • PNL - 5 seats
  • UDMR - 4 seats
  • PRM - 2 seats
  • Elena Basescu, President Basescu's daughter who ran as an independent candidate, is also in the books for 1 seat

The two people leading the populist, far-right group Greater Romania Party are veteran far-right leader Corneliu Vadim Tudor and businessman-politician Gigi Becali.

The two polls by Insomar - delivered to Romanian news channel Realitatea TV - and CCSB - for Romanian news channel Antena 3 - take into account votes cast by 7.00 p.m.. The threshold for a party to enter the European Parliament is 5% at national level.