The economic crises starts to have an effect on the energy sector. Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared, at the end of one governing coalition session that, the main energy producers, including Romgaz, are starting to face financial blockage. Videanu urges for solutions to be found within two weeks.

The blockage is the result of the fact that the expenses and incomes proposals were not approve for the majority of the energy companies. Thus, the societies "are allowed to spend only 11% of their monthly budget", the ministry’s state secretary Tudor Serban declared, according to NewsIn.

The expenses and incomes budget was approved for 26 out of the 100 existent energy societies. This attracted energy unions' protests, whose main claims addressed salaries, investment programmes, and the prejudice of the national energetic system safety.

Another issue regards Romania's energetic security during winter. The Russia - Ukraine argument might lead to another gas crisis. Given the circumstances, Videanu argues that Romania needs to stock a gas volume equal to Romania's total deposit capacity, meaning 3,015 cube meters. He also encouraged that Romania built sufficient crude oil and coal reserves.