A young Irish men is currently under preventive custody, accused of attacking the Romanian Gypsies in Belfast. Shane Murphy, 21, is also charged with sending racist messages during a rally last week, Irish Times inform.

The young man appeared in court after contributing to the 100 Romanian Gypsies fleeing their houses, seeking shelter in a church, according to the Irish press. Two other youngsters, aged 15 and 16, have been accused of involvement in the violent racist attacks in Belfast. Shane Murphy is accused to have threatened the residents of some properties in Belgravia during June 11-15.

Local authorities claim that the young man made racist remarks during the events in South Belfast. The Magistrates Court was informed that during interrogations, Shane Murphy denied any implications in the Belgravia events. The bail out was rejected by Judge George Conner on the suspicions that the accused might interfere with the witnesses. Shane Murphy was constrained to police custody.