Romanian Ioan Mihai Pacepa, once part of Romanian intelligence, addresses an open letter to the Pásdárán Generals in Iran, urging them to follow his example and defend the people, not the "tyrant", comparing the current Iranian regime with the Romanian communist regime led by Nicolae Ceausescu before December, 1989.

"I appeal to you, generals of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, the Pásdárán: Do what I did! Defend the people, not the tyrant. I am a two-star general who was once at the top of communist Romania's version of the Pásdárán, the Securitate, and I learned the hard way that no tyrant can keep a country's people enchained for ever", the letter published in The American Spectatorshows.

Pacepa compares the events in December 1989 from Romania, the protest against the dictator couple Ceausescu, with the social unrest currently unfolding in Iran against the "Hitler-style dictator". "Like Ahmadinejad, Ceausescu also ordered his security forces to open fire against the population", the ex-Intelligence officer said.

Pacepa recalled that on Christmas day in 1898, "Ceausescu was executed for genocide by his own people". "Now the former Kingdom of Romania, transformed by the communists into an epitome of tyranny, is a prosperous member of the European Union", ha added.

Ion Mihai Pacepa was head of Romanian Secret Services during the communist era. He played a double role, spying for the Americans as well. When he realised the Romanian and Russian Intelligence discovered him, he fled to the US, where he presently lives. He wrote an autobiographical book entitled "Red Horizons".

Nicolae Ceausescu's communist regime condemned him to death for high treason. After the Romanian Revolution in 1989, pressured by the US, the Romanian authorities cancelled the death sentence.