A successful manager in the textile industry, Sorina Placinta, the senator named Youth and Sports minister in the Romanian government on Tuesday, has been involved in deals with the state for at least two times. First was the acquiring the majority stake in state-controlled company Milcofil by the Sorste company, which Sorina Placinta controlled with her husband, Stefan Sobota. Second was the acquisition of a textile company in a public tender organized by the Authority for State Assets Recovery.

Romanian newspapers Ziarul de Iasi and Ziarul Financiar have covered the transactions.

The takeover of Milcofil by Sorste was preceded by a series of scandals which prompted an investigation into business relations between the two companies. Scandals also related to dismissed employees at Milcofil when Sorste took over the company.

Sorste also managed to win a public tender for the Ramnicu Sarat-based state company Confectia in 2004, when she defeated another bidder, Gigi Becali, a football and real estate mogul.