Social Democratic president Mircea Geoana things that the main responsibility for the justice state of affairs rests on Romania's President, Traian Basescu and to the regime he oversees. Geoana said that the President should be held responsible for the justice report since he was the person to hire justice personnel in the last five years.

The report reflects Romania's serious judicial problems, Geoana said. Justice minister Catalin Predoiu declared that the progress registered in the justice system so far eliminated the activation of the safeguard measure.

Predoiu explained that the report mentions the fact that Romania did not comply with all conditions which would trigger the activation of the safeguard measure. He opinionated that the evaluators' professionalism and objectivity should not be questioned.

Romania's Chamber of Deputies speaker Roberta Anastase said that the report is a sign of trust for the Boc government. She considers that all critical aspects in the report are based on real facts and underlined that Romania should not regard the EU as an enemy.