The government decided to lay off 20% of cabinet personnel, PM Emil Boc announced after a government meeting on Tuesday. In the same meeting, the government decided to take responsibility for the public pensions system.

The measure to cut stuff applies to all levels, from the prime minister's office to ministers, prefects and local administration.

What the pensions law contains:

  • The increase of retirement age to 60 years for women until 2014 and to 65 years for men
  • Until 2030, men and women will retire at the same age of 65
  • Retirement age increases for army personnel from 55 years to 60 years in 2025

Motivations put forward by the government

  • we need to maintain a financial support for the public pensions system
  • eliminate privileges through special pensions
  • simplifying legislation and complying to EU norms
  • the real retirement age at the time is 54 years