President Traian Basescu declared on Friday morning that he is willing to name a PM from the Democratic Party if the Croitoru government will not receive the vote of confidence in the Parliament. Basescu declared for the Romanian National Television that his other solution is to respect the vote in the 2008 elections and name a PM from the party with the greatest number of mandates.

The announcement follows the consultation scheduled by Croitoru with all political parties, in an attempt to get Parliamentary majority. PD-L announced that they will sustain Croitoru while Social Democrats and Liberals announced that they will not vote in favor of the new government and said that they already made up a Parliamentary majority lead by Johannis.

A day ago President Basescu announced that Croitoru is the new designated PM, who has to set up his team of ministers in ten days and present it to the Parliament. Basescu declared that Croitoru has the necessary economic knowledge to help Romania in times like this.

UPDATE President Basescu declared in a press conference at Cotroceni, around 12:30 PM that he is compelled by the Constitution to submit a second choice of PM, if his first choice is not approved by the Parlaiment. He underlined that in times like this, it is essential to act fast in order to resolve Romania's financial problems.