The School no. 153 in Bucharest was shot down on Monday because of five cases of swine flu confirmed in the institution. The Romanian Health Ministry announced that the number of swine flu patients recorded currently amounts to 555, without recording any deceased.

A Hospital and Medical Services Management team went over to School no. 153 in Bucharest to disinfect the building. The Hospitals Management authority bought over 60,000 masks and over 6,000 litres of disinfectant, which will be distributed at all the academic institutions in Bucharest.

Before this, a teacher working with School no. 147 in Bucharest was found positive for AH1N1 last week on Wednesday.

Swine flu is spreading rapidly. There were 36 new cases recorded in eight cities in Romania during the last 24 hours, namely in Timisoara (West), Suceava (North), Iasi (North-East), Craiova (South), Filiasi (South), Bucharest, Sibiu (Central) and Ploiesti (South).