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Canadian Press: Romania refuses to reveal thousands of Communist era files about influential personalities still working in the media, politics and business environment

de A.C.
Marţi, 3 noiembrie 2009, 9:52 English | Top News

A Romanian discovered that his best friend betrayed him, after consulting the information contained in the old Communist secret police structures files, The Canadian Press reads. 20 years after Communism collapsed and the old Securitate files remain hidden even though, in Romania and Hungary, there a plenty of files referring to personalities.

In an article reading about the situation in former Communist states, the publication notes that in most of the countries, citizens voted laws that reveal at least parts of these archives. However, the subject is still sensitive as there are many current personalities with files.

In Romania, over 700,000 people worked for Securitate, the old Communist police structure and more than 2 million files can be subjected to a control. 

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