The Liberal Party (PNL) Central Political Office members decided unanimously on Tuesday to support PSD's presidential candidate Mircea Geoana in the second round at the polls, Crin Antonescu, liberal leader announced. "Noting the political, economic and moral crisis brought by Traian Basescu and his Government, PNL decided to create a majority to back Klaus Johannis for premiership", Antonescu declared.

The liberal leader also announced that a political agreement featuring PSD will be signed during the coming days. Ludovic Orban and Relu Fenechiu, PNL vice-presidents would join him in forming a team of negotiators.

He noted that he discussed with the UDMR leadership, the party representing the Hungarian minority from Romania, which will be part of the political majority supporting Klaus Johannis.

"At this point, a tighter collaboration with PNL is being shaped, and proposing Klaus Johannis for premiership is very important for us. I am convinced that my colleagues will back the idea of having Klaus Johannis as PM", the UDMR leader Marko Bela announced on Tuesday.

PNL leader announced on Monday that he excluded any negotiation with Traian Basescu as long as he presides over the Liberal Party. Ex-liberal head and ex-PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu said, in his turn, that PNL will not collaborate with PDL due to the negative past experience.

Crin Antonescu stated on Monday that the support offered to Mircea Geoana is not about designating roles, but in the view of a "Johannis project" and will not commit to anything unless it represents his electorate. According to him, the only stake is to find a governing solution for the voters.

Mircea Geoana agreed with supported Klaus Johannis and he was the one who actually came out with a proposal for sealing a political agreement for constituting a majority to back the cause of a Government led by the mayor of Sibiu (Central Romania).

According to Romanian press agency NewsIn, views inside PNL do not agree necessarily with Antonescu's take. PNL Iasi campaign chief Valerian Salavastru proposed in an open letter a partnership with Traian Basescu, underlining that Romania's incumbent president has to name a liberal PM.