The Romanian hacker calling himself Unu, the same one who attacked anti-virus producers Kaspersky and Symantec websites in February, returns to the foreground. He took advantage of several vulnerabilities and accessed personal client data after an "SQL Injection" attack, informs. Symantec reps confirmed the attack, but claim that confidential data have not been put at risk and the vulnerability will disappear.

The hacker claims he has found a vulnerability that he could have exploited to gain access to the Norton Antivirus producer's clients' confidential data. The hacker ironically remarks that it is inconceivable for a company pretending to offer anti-virus protection to not be able to protect its own data base.

Symantec that there is a vulnerability which affected its client support websites in Japan and South Korea, but notes that the company's products can still be used safely.

The company reps add that it will refresh the attacked websites, making them work and investigating the case.

Unu hacker turned tables in February, attacking Kaspersky, Symantec and International Herald Tribune websites, gaining much publicity in the American press. The page publishing the print-screens proved that where Unu's employed his actions, there have been congratulation comments: "Welcome" or "you put Romania on the map!".