"I'll tell you why I requested the National Institute of Expertise notice - the Gardianul Newspaper and Realitatea TV channel have the Institute's notice, which proves that the film that features me is fake, but their lack of responsibility made them not publish this notice", Romania's incumbent president Traian Basescu declared on Monday evening.

Realitatea TV reps told HotNews.ro that the TV channel were not in the possession of the notice. In his turn, Gandul newspaper editor-in-chief Alecu Racoviceanu declared for HotNews.ro that Gandul had not been reached by any notice of that sort. "I believe someone must have misinformed Traian Basescu". He added: "In the Gardianul news office there are at least two investigation reporters that have been working in this niche fpr 20 years. We don't play with such information. If we got them, we would publish them not for Basescu's sake, but out of moral duty. It would not have been legal to be sent this notice anyway, because we are not part of any expertise process. The people who are now lieing now to Traian Basescu had five years to unblock this situation", Racoviceanu says.

Traian Basescu's declarations:

  • I'll tell you why I requested this notice: for a very simple reason. The "Gardianul" newspaper and the "Realitatea TV" news channel have received the National Institute of Criminal Expertise notice, which proves that the film that features me is fake, but their lack of responsibility made them not publish this notice.
  • Mr. Geoana runs away from debates, just the same as he did in 2004, when we ran against each other for the Capital's mayor.
  • Marian Vanghelie might be Interior Minister, and Adrian Nastase - Justice minister.
  • Patriciu, Geoana, Vantu and Voiculescu are not interested in the Romanians' well-being.
  • Mircea Geoana is running away from debates, he believes he can be made TV channels and dirty campaign president. He has to know that the only body hat can make him president is the Romanian people.
  • Dinu Patriciu hopes to not have to pay the 600 million euros he owes the state.
  • It's clear for me that Mr. Mircea Geoana proposes us a Romania for them, for the sharks, not for Romanians. I will keep Romania for Romanians in the next mandate as well.
  • Romania has been brought in a political crisis by Mircea Geoana's interests. He has made this abjection that nobody has made in the 20 years since the Revolution, only to gain support and claim that it is only he who can bring peace, can bring stability,  stability that even Klaus Johannis, the PM proposed by Mircea Geoana and Crin Antonescu, fears.
  • I had the power to name a SRI manager from PSD, and for Justice, an ex-PNL minister. I was a president that had the power to designate valuable people, regardless their party membership.
  • I will be the president that will preserve the unique income tax.
  • Last year, in a comparison between Romania and Great Britain, Mircea Geoana said that Romania is not like Great Britain, but it is a worthless country. How valuable is Romania now for Mircea Geoana?
  • Mr. Geoana also proposed fiscal amnesty. Did Patriciu and Voiculescu ask him to stop paying taxes?

Basescu's campaign staff complained that the TV channels blocked Trian Basescu's declaration, which was not broadcasted live.