Pro Democratia association (APD) condemns the lack of ethic and professionalism that defines the current Romanian presidential electoral campaign. "APD noticed, with stupefaction, that fact that its own name is being used abusively by the Traian Basescu supporters, as electoral tool, on This wed domain is hosted by GMP Advertising, a company involved directly in the campaign of the incumbent President", an APD communiqué report shows.

This immoral attempt completes a series of negative actions, which transformed the present electoral campaign in a means of misinformation and manipulation aimed at the citizens expected at the polls on December 6. Signalled by Active Watch as well, the Press Monitoring Agency (AMP), APD partner in the Alliance for Fair Elections:

  • the illegal release of the exit-polls results before 9 pm on November 22
  • the promotion of a candidate during a football match
  • the insistent broadcast with images of Traian Basescu apparently hitting a child, are only a few examples of the irregularities which gravely deforms the main aim of information and equitable competition of the electoral campaign.

At this moment, Pro Democratia Association addresses a last appeal to normality and integrity to the electoral competitors, which seem to have forgotten that the aim does not always excuse the means.