Maria Basescu, President Traian Basescu's wife, reacts, in an open letter, to poet Mircea Dinescu's stating that the President allegedly hit his wife. She tells poet Dinescu that he owes her children apologies. Moreover, she considers unacceptable the usage of "election rubbish" and the destruction of the child's life, who has been featured in the film showing Romania's incumbent hitting a child. Maria Basescu says that no mother could ever forgive Geoana, the presidential counter-candidate, for this.

This is the first time when Maria Basescu reacts publicly.

"Today I break the silence that I have kept for several years, because I find unacceptable what the press and the people behind it do", she motivates her gesture in the open letter.

Maria Basescu considers herself a woman like millions of other women from Romania, who dedicated her life to the family. "This is the most important mission that I have taken responsibility for", she says.

"I would not like to say that what Traian Basescu did during his mandate is perfect. But I know he has always been concerned about doing good things for the people who had elected him", Maria Basescu goes on in the letter.

"I have heard several days ago, and I still cannot believe it, Mr. Mircea Dinescu saying that my husband would have hit me. I am not aware in what sort of family Mr. Dinescu grew up in, but in my family, in my house and in my life such things never happened. Mr. Dinescu, for the lying statements that you have made you owe my children apologies", the letter reads.

Regarding the film recently broadcasted with Romanian TV channels, showing president Basescu hitting a child, Maria Basescu says it is "inadequate" and "false", adding that: "I testify that my husband has never been aggressive with our daughters or with any other child. But, going beyond of taking Traian Basescu's part, as a mother I find it unacceptable to involve the child from the film in the election rubbish and destroy his life. For this, Mr. Geoana, however much you would apologise, no mother could ever forgive you".