Three exit polls announced the victory of Social Democratic candidate Mircea Geoana against incumbent Traian Basescu in presidential elections on Sunday, with a fourth poll, by CSOP for B1 TV station, showed a tie - 50%-50%. Both Mircea Geoana and Traian Basescu claimed victory in the poll, with Basescu saying that pollsters saw him in the lead at 7 p.m..

The four polls consider data collected by 7 p.m. and do not take into account the votes cast by Romanians abroad. The data collected by 9 p.m. would be available later this evening.

CCSB/Antena 3 exit poll: Basescu 48,8%, Geoana 51,2%

CSOP/B1 TV exit poll: Basescu 50%, Geoana 50%

INSOMAR/Realitatea TV exit poll: Geoana 51,6% , Basescu 48,4%

CURS/TVR exit poll: Basescu 49,2%, Geoana 50,8%