Traian Basescu declared from his campaign headquarters that the surveys indicated the incumbent chief of state was ahead of his counter-candidate.

"It's like in 2004. I'm familiar with some TV techniques. I can assure you that at 7 pm the correct results indicated that I was ahead Mircea Geoana", Basescu declared.

Basescu's statements:

  • We'll need to modernise the state, to modernise the education system and to make the European values become realities of our behaviour. Romanians are ready for a European Romanian and we will build it together. I thank you, Romanians, for he support you've given us.
  • In the following moments you may probably see various manipulations coming from TV channels that have been trying to manipulate for three years.
  • I assure you that this time too, like in 2004, you can fully trust what I am telling you: We won!"
  • I believe that today, through their vote, Romanians agreed with Brucan. The 20 years of democracy have passed and we fully learnt democracy.
  • My biggest request is that the time from 9 pm and until the counting is finished my electorate to be at ease and convinced that the vote's count cannot be subject to fraud.