UDMR is open to any governmental formula and Marko Bela will discuss "with the PD-L leader Emil Boc, as well". The announcement was made on Tuesday, December 8, at noon by the UDMR president. The situation for UDMR changed after Klaus Johannis announced publicly that he excludes the possibility to become PM, UDMR leader Marko Belo says: "an extremely important element changed for us. We supported Klaus Johannis for the PM role, he redrew, which essentially changes the context for us". Marko Bela added that UDMR has the option of forming a governmental majority and a stable Government backed by such a majority and will continue the collaboration with PNL, Romanian press agency PNL informs.

  • The UDMR president noted that the party Representative Council may meet, after consultations with local representatives. "We need to analyse the electoral campaign, the results of the second round, conclusions, and decide our future steps. Several questions remain unanswered: the governmental majority, a stable, transparent government, the most important issue of the moment".
  • "I can't see any reasons why we would not continue this collaboration with PNL. I believe we have the common interest of trying to correlate with PNL", Marko Bela added that PD-L has not contacted them yet.