The decision of the Social Democrats to contest elections is democratic, constitutional and legal, President Basescu declared in a press conference. The best attitude in such conditions is to watch calmly how politicians struggle, Basescu added.

Basescu urged the political class to enter a climate of understanding in order to be able to continue the messages they received from citizens in these elections.

Here are his most important declarations:

  • I thank all Romanians for their turnout at the referendum at the Presidential elections
  • The massive participation shows the people's trust in democracy
  • Romanians are convinced that the results of these elections will be applied by institutions as it was reflected in their votes
  • I thank all Romanians irrespective of whom they voted
  • The competition period is over, we need to reconcile
  • The Social Democratic gesture to contest elections is democratic
  • I am convinced that the state institutions will function properly and we will have the result most Romanians wanted