Romania has big chances to get its third IMF loan instalments in January, the Romanian temporary Government. This does not exclude the possibility for the third instalment to be granted at the same time with the fourth. "In January, there are chances to get at least one, if not two [instalments]", the PM stated.

According to him, even in the absence of the IMF money, December is safe from the incomes and pensions perspective. The third instalment, worth of 1.5 billion euros, was initially scheduled for the first half of December, but it has been postponed until a new government was formed. The fourth instalment amounts to 800 million euros. Emil Boc said that financial resources to cover incomes and pensions will be insured for January as well.

An International Monetary Fund delegation met on Monday morning in Bucharest with Government representatives in Bucharest to discuss the Romanian 2010 budget. IMF experts came to Bucharest to help the 2010 budget project come to its final draft, alongside the European Commission.

"During this week, on Tuesday and on Wednesday, we will discuss with other IMF experts as well, on the final budget project", Boc added.