Representatives of the parliamentary group for national minorities from the Romanian Parliament were he first to come on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Palace to discuss with president Traian Basescu. The chief of state invited the parties and parliamentary groups yesterday to come to Cotroceni for consultations. The political organisations the president is planning to discuss the future Government are the minorities group, (2 pm), followed but the independents' group, UDMR, PNL, PSD and PDL.

After discussions with PNL, the liberal president Crin Antonescu made the following statements:

  • I explained to the president how we understood our action for the national interest, with the mandate given by the electorate.
  • I told the president what objectives and guarantees we con join the governance with alongside PD-L and, perhaps, UDMR.
  • The president asked us to join the governance under non-negotiable conditions, because they are dictated by the electorate.
  • The only thing the electorate dictated is that Traian Basescu is Romania's president again.
  • I don't believe the electorate asked for PSD to join a president-party-state power system, which can risk slipping, an attack on the rightful state.
  • The object of good governance must be defined, negotiated differently from the 2009 governance.
  • We do not have the means to impose who governs.
  • The president can prevent us from governing, but he cannot impose conditions on us joining the opposition.
  • If solutions are not found, it is obvious that they stay in power and we go in the opposition.
  • We're prepared to resume discussions.
  • We don't want to leave Romania on the hands of any Government.
  • The desired Government can be achieved arithmetically, but not morally.
  • The president told us that he will announce the designated PM tomorrow morning.
  • The president was not explicit about who he will designate PM.
  • Romania is in dire need of a Government.

Statements made during the PD-L - PNL discussions

President Traian Basescu:

  • The main priority is to form a Government that will pass before Christmas, if possible.
  • It is not only the president's responsibility; it is also down to the political parties.
  • I see right-wing governance.

PNL president Crin Antonescu:

  • My belief is that you don't want us, neither in the opposition, nor in power.
  • You want us to be some sort of collaborators.
  • It is a difficult situation for Romania.
  • PNL and I don't run away from hardship, we're not in favour of another option maybe more comfortable from a electoral perspective.
  • We've got certain conditions, certain principles that we can achieve, whether in power or in opposition.
  • I can assure you we've also got work in the opposition.
  • We believe hat the Government is the expression of a parliamentary majority.
  • We cannot join a power system that you control.
  • You, together with PD-L, represent a menace to the rightful state.
  • We want guarantees that the rightful state is protected and that Romania has a good governance.
  • We started from a certain negotiation issue, namely the prime minister.
  • I have high expectations from the Romanian president.
  • We are not delaying the a Government that can be formed this instant.
  • We will not join the governance under any condition.
  • The electorate ruled you are president, but not a governance.
  • If we join PD-L into governance, I can't see why a liberal PM should be a problem.

President Traian Basescu:

  • Maybe it's just me, but I thought the electoral campaign was over.
  • You have not detached yourself from the campaign yet.
  • I have the governing experience and I can assure you that the solution is taking political responsibility by those who compete politically in solving the crisis.
  • I stopped having political objectives, I'm at the end of a race.
  • Please consider my request under the conditions dictated by the electorate.
  • I went to Cluj to help you.

UDMR consultations

President Traian Basescu:

  • I don't believe there is other way to solve the crisis except through solid measures and public spending cuts.
  • I don't just want a government that will be passed. It will pass anyway.
  • I don't have party objectives anymore, but country targets.
  • I'm distancing myself from the parties now.
  • I will never candidate again.

UDMR leader Marko Bela:

  • UDMR responded to PD-L's invitation and we agreed that, in principle, we could continue by working together.
  • The first urgency for all is a stable government.
  • There's a need for a skilled Government and a stable support, transparent in the Romanian Party.
  • It is UDMR's duty to try and take part in the creation of an economic programme.
  • We want to find solutions to the crisis' issues.
  • UDMR wants to be part of enforcing the solutions to combat this crisis.
  • The President will announce a PM on Thursday, before noon.

Consultations with independents' parliamentary groups

President Traian Basescu:

  • After so many months in government, we cannot wait any longer.
  • The measures that need to be taken are extremely difficult.
  • These are the Romanians' needs, they have not been laid out by the IMF.
  • Persisting with a political crisis doesn't help with getting out of the economic crisis.
  • The Government can diminish the crisis' impact.

Gabriel Oprea:

  • We are consistent. We will not vote without any condition a Government which will take Romania out of the crisis.
  • Our group's doctrine in the national interest.
  • There is the need for the Romanian state to get stronger more than ever and for the Romanian state institutions to become more powerful.
  • We will vote for a Government capable of getting Romania out of the crisis.

Consultations with the national minorities’ parliamentary group:

Varujan Pambuccian

  • "We will express our availability for an option that will assure political stability."

After discussions

  • Klaus Johannis redrew, thus our group doesn't have any reason to support a certain person.
  • Two very difficult years are ahead of us.
  • It is not a matter of demand and offer.
  • We did not take this matter as a sort of deal: I give, you give!
  • The President gave us the necessary guarantees that we would be represented on the future smaller Parliament.